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Jacqueline A Aitkenhead-Peterson
Associate Professor

PhD Natural Resources University of New Hampshire

MSc. Soil Science University of Aberdeen

BSc. (Hons) Environ. Sci. University of Stirling
  1. Watershed water quality
  2. Irrigation water chemistry effect on soil nutrients under turfgrasses
  3. Soil  Forensics

Ryan Pircher
Undergraduate Lab Tech

Baoxin Chang

BS Bioenvironmental Science


Duties include acid washing and helping with analysis for the different student projects.

Baoxin Chang
PhD student
2016 B

Co-chair: Ben Wherley

Baoxin Chang

BS Turfgrass Science
Southwest University, Chongqing, China

MS Crop, Soil, Env Science,

Auburn University AL

I will be examining the effects of sodic and saline irrigation water on 15N uptake in turfgrass.  I will also be responsible for projects on the runoff plots.

Funding: Aitkenhead-Peterson, Wherley, plus fellowships

Kirby Peddicord
MS student

Kirby Peddicord BS Geosciences
Trinity University
San Antonio

I will be examining the chemistry and microbiology of urban ponds coupled with the chemistry of their sediment to assess the safety of these ponds for human recreation.

.Funding: TWRI

Vanessa Limon
MS student

Co-chair: Paul Schwab

Vanessa Limon

BS Soil Science
Texas A&M University

Project in development

Michelle Wood-Ramirez
MS student
2012 C

Co-chair Fouad Jaber

Michelle Wood-Ramirez

B.S. Entomology
Texas A&M University



I will be examining the effects of urbanization on water chemistry at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at Dallas, TX

Funding: Fouad Jaber

Katelyn Lazar
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science 2016 Current Position: PhD graduate student at University of Iowa
Brianna Beauchamp
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science 2016 Current Position: Environmental Technician at Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc, Washington, DC
Nadezda Ojeda
MS Soil Science 2016  
Janet Torres
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science 2016 Current Position: PhD Student, UC-Berkeley
Charles Fontanier
PhD Water Management and Hydrological Science 2015 Current Position: Asst. Professor, Oklahoma State University
Lauren Pitts
MS Soil Science - 2015 Current Position: Environmental Scientist HGS Engineering Inc.
Kirstin Hein
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science - 2015 Current Position:  Permit Coordinator, North Texas Municipal Water District
Ben Alexander
PhD Soil Science - 2014 Current Position: Texas A&M Biology Dept.
Benjamin Davies
2012 - 2014
MS Soil Science - 2014 Current Position: PhD Student, University of Minnesota
Krittika Govil
2011 - 2014
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science - 2014 Current Position: Compliance Coordinator, Triumvirate Environmental, Boston, MA
Danielle M. Cioce
2010 - 2012
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science - 2012 Current Position: Manager, Watershed Protection, Harris County, Houston, TX
Cheryl Verbree
2009 - 2012
PhD Soil Science -2012 Current Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
LaShundra Rodgers
2010 - 2012
Water Management and Hydrological Science (non thesis option) - 2012 Current Position: Teacher, Pine Tree Independent School District, Longview TX
Linda Sturm-Flores
2008 - 2012
MS Agronomy - 2012 Current Position: Program Assistant for Common Management and Price Support Division, USDA Farm Service Agency
Eliza Watson
2009 - 2011
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science - 2011 Current Position: Small Business Owner – The Bake Shop/Golden Gals Candy, Colleyville, TX
Meredith K. Steele
2007 - 2011
PhD Soil Science - 2011 Current Position: Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
K. Jordan McCrary
2009 - 2011
MS Water Management and Hydrological Science - 2011 Current Position: Environmental Control Services Supervisor, City of Lewisville, TX
Galen Roberts
Water Management and Hydrological Science (non thesis option) - 2011 Current Position: Watershed Manager at North Texas Municipal Water District. PhD candidate Texas A&M University
De’Etra J. Young
2006 – 2010
PhD Forest Sciences - 2010 Current Position: Assistant Professor at Tennessee State University
Cara Harclerode Case
MS Agronomy - 2009 Current Position: Research Associate at Texas A&M center at Overton, TX

Leon Holgate
2007 – 2010

MS Soil Science - 2010 Current Position: Research Associate at Texas A&M Center at Amarillo, TX
Jess Alexander
MS Soil Science 2004 (New Hampshire) Project Environmental Scientist, LT Environmental, Littleton, CO
Elizabeth Evetts
Undergraduate Research Fellow 2007-2008 Senior Analyst at Targa Resources, Houston, TX

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Urban Ponds

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Recent Papers, Chapters and Books from Research Group (2009-2014) [TOP]

Published Peer Reviewed Papers and Proceedings (Student authors italicized) 20010-2017

  1. Nagaraju, A., Thejaswi, A., and Aitkenhead-Peterson, J.A. (2017) Fluoride and heavy metal accumulation by vegetation in the fluoride affected area of Talupula, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh.  Journal of the Geological Society of India, 89(1): 1-11.
  2. Aitkenhead-Peterson JA and Steele MK (2016) Dissolved organic carbon and dissolved organic nitrogen concentrations and exports  upstream and downstream of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis, Texas, USA.  Invited Paper, Marine and Freshwater Research, Special Issue: Allochthonous Dissolved Organic Carbon. 67(9): 1326-1337.
  3. Knappett P.S.K., Myers K, Shuai P, Rhodes K, Jewell K, Peterson J, Dimova N, Datta S, Berube M, Hossain A, Lipsi M, Hossain S, Hosain A, Ahmed K.M., and Cardenas M.B. (2016). Tracking the fate of Arsenic in groundwater discharged to the Meghna River. Chapter 18 in Arsenic Research and Global Sustainability. Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environments June 1-23, 2016 Stockholm, Sweden. CRC Press 2016: 43-44. DOI: 10.1201/b20466-21
  4. Alexander  M B, Hodges TK, Wescott DJ and Aitkenhead-Peterson JA. (2016). The Effects of Soil Texture on the Ability of Human Remains Detection Dogs to Detect Buried Human Remains. J. Forensic Science DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.13084
  5. Khaledian Y., Kiani F, Ebrahimi, S., Brevik EC., and Aitkenhead-Peterson JA (2016) Assessment and monitoring of soil degradation during land use change using multivariate analysis. Land Degradation and Development. DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2541
  6. Alexander M.B., Hodges T.K., Bytheway J.A., and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., (2015). Application of soil in forensic science: Residual odor and HRD dogs. Forensic Science International.  249: 304-313. Doi:10.1016/j.forsciint.2015.01.025.
  7. Wherley B, Aitkenhead-Peterson JA. Stanley N, Thomas JC, Fontanier C, White RH and Dwyer P (2015). Assessing nitrogen and phosphorus runoff during warm-season turfgrass sod establishment. J. Environ. Qual.
  8. Cioce D.M. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2015). Biodegradable dissolved organic carbon in urban and remnant soils in south-central Texas, USA Geoderma
  9. Wherley, B.G., White, R.H., McInnes, K.J., Fontanier, C.H., Thomas, J.C., Aitkenhead-Peterson, J.A., and S. Kelly (2014) Design and Construction of an Urban Runoff Research Facility. J. Vis. Exp. (2014), e51540, doi:10.3791/51540.
  10. Davies B., Boa K., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Pitts L., and Payne W. (2014). Agro-ecosystem, tillage, and cropping effects on extractable soil nitrogen and organic carbon in Ghana. J. Arid Land Studies.
  11. Verbree C.L., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Loeppert R.H., Awika J.M., and Payne W.A. (2014) Shea (Vitellaria paradoxa) tree and soil parent material effects on soil properties and intercropped sorghum grain-Zn in southern Mali, West Africa. Plant and Soil
  12. Cioce D.M. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2013) Release and reactive soil pools of DOC and DON in urban and remnant native soils. Soil Science, 178: 222-230.
  13. McCrary K.J.Harclerode Case C. L., Gentry T.J. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J. A. (2013) Escherichia coli regrowth in disinfected sewage ffluent: effect of DOC and nutrients in laboratory incubations and urban streams. Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 224:1412. DOI 10.1007/s11270-012-1412-1
  14. Carrillo-Gonzalez R., Gonzalez-Chavez M.C.A., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Hons F.M., and Loeppert R.H. (2013). Extractable DOC and DON from a dry-land long-term rotation and cropping system in Texas, USA. Geoderma, 197-198: 79-86.
  15. Harclerode C.L., Gentry T.J., and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A.  (2012). A nested approach to source track E. coli and nutrients in an urban basin. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. (in press).
  16. Steele M.K., and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2012). Salt impacts on organic carbon and nitrogen leaching from senesced vegetation. Biogeochemistry.
  17. Dvorak B., Volder A., and Aitkenhead-Peterson J. (2012). Stormwater retention findings from un-irrigated green roofs in Texas. Proceedings of the Cities Alive, 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference, Philadelphia. 30th November – 3rd December, 2011.
  18. Steele M.K., and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2012). Urban soils of Texas: Relating irrigation sodicity to water-extractable carbon and nutrients. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. doi:10.2136/sssaj2011.0274.
  19. Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Owings C.G., Alexander M.B.,Larison N., and Bytheway J.A. (2012) Mapping the lateral extent of cadaver decomposition islands with soil chemistry. Forensic Science International. doi:10.1016/j.forsciint.2011.09.007.
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  23. Holgate L.C., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., and Gentry T.J. (2011). Irrigation water chemistry: Impact on microbial community composition and biogeochemical leaching under Lolium perenne (L.) ISRN Ecology 2011,797910. DOI:10.5402/ECOLOGY.
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  25. Viswanathan B., Volder A., Watson T. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2011) Impervious and pervious pavements increase soil CO2 concentrations and reduced root production of American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua). Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. 10:133-139. doi:10.1016/j.ufug.2011.01.001
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Books and Book Chapters (2009 2016)

  1. Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Alexander M.B., Bytheway J.A., Carter D.O., and Wescott D.J. (2015) Applications of soil chemistry in forensic entomology. Chapter 22 in (J.K. Tomberlin and M.E. Benbow Eds). International Dimensions and Frontiers in Forensic Entomology. Taylor and Francis Press.
  2. Urban Ecosystem Ecology (2010). (Editors: Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. and Volder A.). Agronomy Monograph 55. ASA,CSSA,SSSA Madison WI, USA.
  3. Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Steele M.K. and Volder A. (2010) Services in Natural and Human Dominated Ecosystems. (Editors. J A Aitkenhead-Peterson and A Volder) Urban Ecosystem Ecology. Agronomy Monograph 55. ASA,CSSA,SSSA Madison WI, USA.
  4. Steele M.K., McDowell W.H. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2010). Chemistry of urban, sub-urban and rural streams. (Editors. J A Aitkenhead-Peterson and A Volder) Urban Ecosystem Ecology. Agronomy Monograph 55. ASA,CSSA,SSSA Madison WI, USA.
  5. Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Alexander M.B., Bytheway J.A., Carter D.O., and Wescott D.J. (2015) Applications of soil chemistry in forensic entomology. Chapter 22 in (J.K. Tomberlin and M.E. Benbow Eds). International Dimensions and Frontiers in Forensic Entomology. Taylor and Francis Press.

Recent Conference Presentations (2016) [TOP]

  1. Aitkenhead-Peterson J A (2016). B31C-0485: Suburban Soils: Are they the answer in determining factors controlling non-point-source DOC and DON in urban surface waters? (Invited). American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco December 11-16, 2016
  2. Aitkenhead-Peterson JA (2016). Moving from the forest to the city: Forest and Urban Soils (Invited). Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, 25th Annual Meeting, Murfreesboroo, TN October 6-7, 2016.
  3. Lazar K., Beauchamp B. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. (2016). Effect of Sodium Derived from Different Sources on Water Extractable Dissolved Organic Carbon and its Biodegradability in Urban Soils Across Four US Cities. American Water Resources Association, 2016 Spring Specialty Conference Anchorage AK, April 25-27, 2016
  4. Chang B, Wherley B and Aitkenhead-Peterson J. 102416: Irrigation water quality and fertilizer source effects on nitrogen uptake efficiency of Bermudagrass. Poster 1302. November 6-9, 2016 Annual Meeting of ASA-CSSA-SSSA, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  5. Jewell K, Knappett P, Berube M, Datta  S, Peterson J and Ahmed K. The Geochemistry and Microbiology behind Arsenic Cycling within Riverbank Aquifers in Bangladesh. Goldschmidt Conference June 26 – July 1 2016, Yokohama, Japan
  6. Jewell  K.L., Knappett P.S.K, Myers K.D., Ahmed K.M., Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A., Berube M, Datta S and Hossain S. The Geomicrobiology behind Arsenic cycling within Riverbank Aquifers in Bangladesh. Geological Society of America Annual Conference Paper 278-1, Denver, Colorado, USA.
  7. Knappett P, Datta S, Dimova N, Myers K, Hossain A, Berube M, Shuai P, Rhodes K, Jewell K, Lipsi M, Hossain S, Hosain A, Peterson J and Ahmed K. Hydrological Mechanisms for Arsenic Deposits in Meghna River Hyporeic Zone Sediments. EGU General Assembly, Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 18, EGU2016-14501, Vienna 2016  
  8. Khaledian Y, Kiani F, Ebrahimi S, Brevik E.C. and Aitkenhead-Peterson J.A. Using innovative statistical analyses to assess soil degradation due to land use change. EGU General Assembly, Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 18, EGU2016-1338, Vienna 2016
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