Sampling Campaign Summer 2003: Left to Right (Back) Zdenek Seidl , Matyas Fendrych, Ryan Huntley, Jana Albrechtova, Pavel Cudlin, Barry Rock, Jess Alexander, (Front) Brian Pellerin, Sandor Forczek, Tomas Polak, Zuzana Lhotakova , Jacqui Aitkenhead Peterson

People Involved:

Students Involved:

  • Jess Alexander, University of New Hampshire
  • Zuzana Lhotakova, Charles University, Prague
  • Ivo Moravec, Czech Academy of Science
  • Filip Oulehle, Czech Geological Survey
  • Tomas Polak, Charles University, Prague
  • Matthew Szymanowicz, University of New Hampshire
  • Zdenek Seidl, Charles University, Prague

U.S. Collaborators:

Hubbard Brook Field Campaign 2004: (Left to Right) Ivo Moravec, Filip Oulehle, Jana Albrechtova, Pavel Cudlin, Zuzana Lhotakova, Jacqui Aitkenhead Peterson
    Support for research and travel to the Czech Republic for US personnel and for Czech personnel visiting the US is provided by The National Science Foundation under Grant DEB01108385

Research and travel to the US for Czech personnel and support for US personnel while in the Czech Republic is supported by Kontakt/NSF ME658 of the Ministry of Czech Republic
  American Czech Consortium of Ecosystem Studies and Synthesis
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